Zoe & Jones: Making Friends

Finished up a little backstory mini comic. You can find it here.

This is how Zoe and Jones first meet.

I love their friendship. I love that it’s platonic. I love that he’s basically her surrogate big brother. I love how protective and nurturing he is of her even when she’s being an asshole.  I love how she learns to rely on him and trust him.

They have a true bromance.

A weekend well spent.

Working on something that may or may not go anywhere. It’s not like I need yet another creative endeavor leeching my time and keeping me from sunlight. I’m pale enough as is.

I’ve always loved a good adventure, real of fictitious. Writing my novel has allowed me to smoosh that love together with my appreciation of archeology and anthropology. But at some point I had to decide if my narrative was about the artifacts or the characters. Choosing one sacrificed the other. I’m happy with my decision, but this little side-side project might be a fun way to do an unadulterated adventure story

It’s appealing. 

We’ll see what happens, I guess.