Breath of Freedom.

I’ve been home from work for the past few days with a bum lower back. So I’ve done the sensible thing and have been watching TONS of documentaries. 

The Smithsonian Channel programs I’ve seen the past few days have really knocked it out of the park. 

Breath of Freedom is one of the best WWII documentaries I’ve seen in a long time. 

Do yourself a favor, and check it out. You can watch it directly on the Smithsonian Channel site if you follow the link

Weekend sketches.

Hunky ladies. Viking badasses. A wolf. Costuming of indeterminate time period.

I picked up some reference books so I can get some context and knowledge under my belt before I start trying to tackle this project. The plot is definitely rising from the luck of my brain and making itself more complete.


Hey so my pals won a BAFTA


I promised I would make GIFs of Karla, Johnemann, Kate, and Steve accepting their well-deserved BAFTA for their excellent game Gone Home, and I am here to make good on my word!





But award for cutest acceptance of an award for Gone Home goes to Kate when she accepted Best Indie Game on behalf of Fullbright from the New York Critics Circle:


Congrats to these four for their well deserved praise.  They are good people doin’ good work, lookin’ good doin’ it.

So proud of my friends and their achievements.

Messing around with some new characters. Always wanted to do a comic about a Viking werewolf dame… And if she happens to be into other dames so be it.

Been sketching Fen a lot… Finally figured out her counterpart, Ásta (though her name may change for cultural origin reasons).

Who’s into lesbian werewolves in history?